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To obtain information about local public libraries' summer programs, please click on the forms tap at the top. This will lead you to three schedules and the summer reading form for NBES.

Thank you and have a GREAT SUMMER READING!!


The library media center is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each class comes to the library for forty-five minutes each week except for PreK who comes for thirty minutes. Also, each class comes to the computer lab for thirty minutes each week. Please help your children by reading with them each night or encouraging them to read. Lastly, please remind your children to return their library books each week. Thank you so much for your help!


Library Schedule 2016-2017





8:20-8:50 PreK
(30 minutes) Library

8:20-8:50 PreK
(30 minutes) Computer

8:05-8:35 1st Grade
(30 minutes) Computer

8:55-9:40 5th Grade
(45 minutes) Library

8:55-9:25 Planning/Open Checkout (30 minutes)

8:40-9:25 4th Grade
(45 minutes) Library

9:45-10:15 4th Grade
(30 minutes) Computer

9:30-10:00 5th Grade
(30 minutes) Computer

9:25-9:40 Planning/ Open Checkout (35 minutes)

10:20-11:05 Planning/Lunch

10:00-11:00 Planning/Lunch

9:45-10:30 Kindergarten
(45 minutes) Library

11:15-12:00 2nd Grade
(45 minutes) Library

11:00-11:20 Open Checkout (20 minutes)

10:35-11:30 Planning

12:10-12:40 6th Grade
(30 minutes) Computer

11:20-11:50 2nd Grade (30 minutes) Computer


12:40-12:55 Open Checkout (15 minutes)

11:55-12:40 3rd Grade (45 minutes) Library


1:00-1:30 3rd Grade
(30 minutes) Computer

12:45-1:15 Kindergarten (30 minutes) Computer

Open Checkout/Flex Planning

1:35-2:20 1st Grade
(45 minutes) Library

1:20-2:05 6th Grade
(45 minutes) Library




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